January Favourites

Photo Shoot types seem to find a way of booking in all at the same time (at least, with me they do!) November and December is family portrait months, September is definitely a popular new head shot time. For some reason, the month of January  always bring the most eclectic group of photo shoots. I’ve grouped together a few of my favourites shots from the past 4 weeks.

Why we left the High Street…

hireI moved my business from Southbourne Grove to Christchurch in May 2014, and I suppose just from hearing rumours and people asking why on earth I would leave such a bustling up and coming high street, I just wanted to clear the air as to why I moved & what really happened….

I was at Studio Shotz 101 Southbourne Grove for over 5 years!! (I’m only 27 so that is a LONG time) I rented the shop, the landlady who lived in the flat above owned the whole building, she is quite elderly & decided that the stairs were not suitable for her any more and that it was time to sell up & move out.

Of course I had a lease, however it was very nearly over when the landlady decided she was leaving, and since I did not want to purchase the building myself, all offers were on the table and my time at 101 had come to an end.

WEB-studioshotz2At first I was heartbroken. Understandably…I’d poured 5 years of my life into this place, spent thousands upon thousands of pounds renovating, buying equipment, and all the costs of generally running a business, not to mention how much hard work & time went into running this shop.

BUT there’s the silver lining right there; I have a successful business with a fanastic reputation and I now work from a private boutique home studio with all the benefits of working for myself, but less stress. Much much much less stress. I actually can’t believe how un-stressed I am these days….

I embraced the move; I de-cluttered I rearranged, I simplified (my favourite thing to do!) I even got a brand new beautiful, stylish logo! (I secretly HATED that blue and black monstrosity for years). It gave me the chance to change all those silly little things that I’d been stuck with at the shop. Big change calls for lots of little changes too!

Now, don’t get me wrong – the high street was brilliant!! The exposure of having a shop fronted business was invaluable to people recognising my business, my lovely neighbours always taking in parcels for me teehee! as well as the sense of community in Southbourne, and seeing the same friendly faces every day. But it was time to go.

Now, it’s nearly been a year since I left the high street. I think it is quite possibly the most successful year of my life! Not only do I now have a fantastic photographic studio that is just right, I’m not stressed out, I’m not fretting about money…I’m producing better work because I’m focused on that & not how much money each job is getting me. I have much more time for each client, not clock watching. I’ve actually been able to REDUCE my prices….ever thought you’d hear a photographer say that!?

I’m now driven by producing the best photography I can.




2014 was a fantastic year for Studio Shotz Photography, with a lot of change!! But in the end all good and I wouldn’t change any of it now. Here’s to 2015!

* A few of my favourite moments from the past year have been;
* I photographed NVS for Miners Cosemetics
* I was published in Gay Times Magazine and Teen Now Magazine
* I moved the studio from Southbourne high street to my provate studio in Christchurch
* Exhibition at the Hayloft Gallery in Christchurch
* Venus Awards Semi-Finalist for 3 categories and a Finalist in the Online & New Media Category
* South Coast Fashion Week Photographer

In the meantime, check out these beautiful photographs: 45 of the Most Powerful Photos from 2014

I’ll be back in the office from Monday 12th January at 10am.